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The images in this gallery are from video games I own and items I have personally scanned. They may be used for creative purposes, such as graphics, icons, website layouts, and so forth. You may not upload them to other sites as your own. If you run a gaming site or fansite and would like to use my screenshots then please contact me. I am happy to give permission but I do like to be contacted first so that I know where they are being used. This is a polite courtesy.

I have put a lot of time and effort into collecting and organising these images (the trading cards alone took hours and hours of work), so it is only fair to expect to be given credit for them. You can choose to link back to the gallery using several different options viewable below.

Direct-link any images in the gallery is strictly prohibited and illegal. If you're not sure what direct-linking (also called hot-linking) is then please educate yourself now by visiting this website.

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You can choose to link back to the gallery using a text link or button:

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If you use these resources for graphics and there is no physical place to put a link back please use one of the following sharing options for social media:

Tweet: I use @justgeekingby 's gallery for video game screenshots, scans & stock. Check it out at https://goo.gl/LvNdXV ! #graphics #videogames
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This gallery and it's contents are copyright to their respective owners and to Heather of Ruby Wings.net. All content here is provided under the fair use copyright law for entertainment purposes, and no money is made from copyrighted materials. Money may be made via adverts and the sale of stock images owned by myself for commercial use.